FFOAD – IOS TEL & Verizon

The latest Friday FOAD goes to those thievin’ bastards from the Dallas area – IOS TEL. You can’t call ’em, you can’t find ’em but they will rip you off if you’re stuck in DFW Airport and use your credit card to call someone.

Yeah I know, you’re saying, “But, everyone knows airports are really expensive!” You are correct, I know that as well. However, there is expensive and then there is IOS TEL, the folks that brought you $8 per minute phone calls, and you don’t know you’re getting ripped off until days later.

Oh, and a special FFOAD to Verizon, the lying bastards that have signs near their phones that long distance is provided by Verizon, which obviously is total BS. Obviously Verizon is getting a cut from what IOS TEL steals from the unsuspecting traveller.

So enjoy your FFOAD IOS TEL and Verizon! I hope a homeless person sneezes on every one of you.


6 thoughts on “FFOAD – IOS TEL & Verizon

  1. ILD Telecommunications, Inc can be a hard business to track down. It seems to have multiple addresses, such as 3230 W. Commercial BL VD, Suite 360, Oakland Park, FL 33309. My experience comes from ILD CORP 5000 Sawgrass Villiage Circle suite 30 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 (or 32083?) (both area codes were found with it). IOS TEL is another name listed, such as what might appear on your credit card statement.

    When reading more reviews, google this company using ILD and IOS TEL (depending if its pay phone/home phone) and from both you will learn the extreme costs this company provides to both your home and pay phone bills. I experienced this pay phone symptom as I did not even know the name of this company when they showed up on my credit card statement.

    My experience includes accepting a 3 minute phone call which was called collect to me and accepted by me with my credit card. I recall no easy way to listen to costs associated with this call, though the company claims it is possible. The caller also will be equally in the dark. For the 3 minutes I was charged roughly 26 dollars. From goggle I learned that 6-10 dollar per minute charges (for the bundle of hidden fees you will pay, read on to see what they are) are normal for this company.

    According to the company when asked:

    Rates cannot be posted on the phone because there are so many factors involved in determining rates, i.e. called number, auto operator or live operator, billing method, was destination number sent by the phone or did we have to ask for it, station to station or person to person and the list goes on. This is why payphone operators are not required by the FCC or the state’s regulatory agencies to post operator assisted rates.

    The reason that these types of calls cost more than it does when you use coins is due to the high cost to us to be able to complete this type of call. The charge covers the cost of validating your credit card, the security of your credit card, network costs with the local carrier in the area, payphone equipment, automated operator equipment, etc. Because more and more people are using cell phones these days there is much less demand for operator assisted calls (automated and live operator). With less volume the cost to provide the service increases. It costs us, on average $10.00, for each completed call. This does not take into account network costs that apply to each minute of the call.

    THE LIST OF COSTS you may be paying, PER CALL, without realizing it:
    Operator fee – 10. 98 (live or automated)
    Nonsubscriber fee/Pay phone fee – 3. 50
    For use of service fee – 3.00
    Billing/protection of credit fee – 2.00
    Per minutes used fee – 1. 15 (my total in minutes fee used she said was 3.45)
    And something else to add another 2.00 or so

    Through the BBB and emails with the company, my 26 dollar fee became 10. But this will take much persistence, as it was my forth complaint contact counting the BBB letter to come to that rate.

    The company can be contacted by phone at 1-800-226-2606

  2. my husband called me from a payphone in detox i used my debit card to accept the call, he called me 3 times the 1st night,i had my bank print out charges to my account from 2 days before he went in until 2 days after his checkin day, my bank printout stated the 3 calls he made were $5.00 and every call after that was $5.00 dollars, but when my account went into the negative i got another print out from bank and all them $5.00 dollar charges dissappeared and became the lowest charge was $9.17 to the highest charge of $15.11, i dont understand how it charges one initial fee then bump the fee up. This crazy stuff shouldnt happen

  3. I just paid $20.28 for a 1 minute and 30 second phone call from about 3 miles away from my house (my sister in law’s Greyhound bus arrived early and she was calling for me to pick her up). I would have spent less driving to Vegas to pick her up. Not amused.

  4. Call them at 1-800-226-2606 and complain. These fees are ridiculous. You will get a discount off the “fees” they charge. Call the airport and complain too. It’s the only way these things will change.

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